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Thats right, another year for Inglorious bastards. Its funny as I sit here and think. Back on Dec 17th, 2010, five people new to Allods decided to form a guild . It was me, Leth ( my brother, Tamiel ( my mother ), my nephew , and Koffi ( Koffees alt ). Standing at the guild master in Yasker's , all we had to do was come up with a name. Believe it or not , it was my mother who said lets name it Inglorious bastards. And we was born.
The guild was an instant hit and at that time there was only Doom , Reborn, Coffin is rocking, Chaos and She said she was 18. there was a few new guilds along with us . but never imagined that IB would explode the way it did.
Soon we was recruiting higher levels as we ourselves grew from within. We reqruited some awesome individuals who would leter define the guild and help make it what it is today . Such as Graverose , Triplenegger, and Koffee who brought his main over from Coffin is Rockin.
Sure , through out the time IB has had her ups. We did our first successful Astral run on April 27th 2011. Followed by our first attempt at GT on May 2, 2011 . with all members in the raids being from IB. And with the ups, will come the downs. Members will come and go , but friendships made in that brief time will last longer . Then IB took a devastating blow, 9 months ago when I lost net. Hanging on by pure thread , IB looked as though she was heading towards the guild graveyard along with the others she used to be along side of when we was strong.
My net established , I got in touch with some dearest friends ( Graverose, Triple and Koffee ) and we began the reconstruction of this fine guild. And look at us today. I believe we are destined for endgame now and together we will make it.
You know , to put it in simple terms , some one in guild ask me , hows your guild doing now, i simply replied , it isnt my guild , its ours!!Although we had inactive leadership in IB so we moved to Eden to rebuild our guild here I hope all of you guys enjoy being here with us!! Have Fun and Welcome to Eden !
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